The Natural Products has a history of 30 years. Active in the field of natural cosmetics and food supplements since 1986. Our goal is to offer natural, organic and reliable for consumers, adapted to the needs and requirements of our modern lifestyle.

Our philosophy is to inform correctly the consumer, to provide reliable products that meet the reality, just say what we are doing each product and not mislead consumers with false promises of the properties of the products and make misleading advertising.

To achieve this, before we introduce a product, check its quality and test its effectiveness. After each product proved its worth, then and only then proceed to the importation and placing on the Greek market. In our effort that we are not alone. There -synergates doctors who evaluate our products and give us their final approval.

We want and we have achieved, consumers can call us for information only and not for complaints. After so many years we feel proud when we hear consumers to trust our products because over-all trust the Natural Products.

Thank you for your trust.