Handmade Sesame Bars with honey, almonds, fig and probiotics-sugar free
November 2, 2016
Bon salt 0% Natrio 350 gr.
November 2, 2016
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Digestive cereal biscuits with Probiotics 220 gr.

Natural Products in its effort to create new technology products for Greek consumers, from 100% Greek products and after a year of research, selected VIOLANTA Trikala Industry for high quality products and the last type of cookie factory was in Greece for The production of probiotic biscuits.
We start with cookieskai the range of products that will create and offer Greek consumers will have nothing to jealous from abroad.
Completed with probiotic products, they have been tested in the biotechnology laboratory in America for the amount of probiotics surviving after baking cookies. So we are confident that cookies do their job there should, in our intestinal system. Feel the difference with the use in our daily Greek products with probiotics.

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