Handmade black chocolate and Probiotics .Sugar free 90 gr

Handmade black chocolate with almonds and Probiotics 110 gr
September 20, 2016
Handmade Milk chocolate with Probiotics .Sugar free 90gr
September 20, 2016
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Handmade black chocolate and Probiotics .Sugar free 90 gr

Bacteria and chocolate: a successful combination for probiotic delivery.

Natural Products is honored to introduce handmade Greek Natural Chocolate with probiotics .Our probiotic chocolate bar contains over 1 billion active probiotics

With new discoveries have shown how bacteria contribute to the overall health of our body.
Tiny bacteria in the intestine was found to play a key role not only in the digestive health but contribute generally to the immune, performance in sports, in weight management, good energy and good brain function.
These revelations and the redefinition of the relationship between diet and disease can signal untold new opportunities for dietary supplements and functional foods in support of health and disease prevention.
But the scientific understanding of the internal microbial flora of our body interior and the trillions of microorganisms that constitute it and their physical environment has just started and we have a long way to go in fully understanding and many questions will find their answers.
Still, it’s an exciting time for the digestive system as a whole noted RobertHutkins,, Professor at the University of Nebraska and an expert on probiotics for digestive total. With those dealing with research and those in the industry had never such convergence in basic research on prebiotics and probiotic microflora and how they can affect health in a positive way without any side effect.
So for a long time we will be able to make nutritional interventions to improve health and now tracking at a molecular level and to examine the differences.

Digestive health
When the digestive system is not working and the stomach fills with acid is not able to absorb minerals and vitamins, are starting to bad health problems, osteoporosis, and the beginning of all general diseases
Thus, it is important that the digestive system works because it is the conduit that the needed nutrition to make works the whole body.

As we age this function becomes our increasingly difficult and owe in diet to uncontrolled drug use, smoking, high fat food, the set of all these destroy the good bacteria in our digestive system.


Inquiries about the health of the intestinal system and the fact that over 70 million Americans suffer from some form of gastric discomfort, all this creates a huge market and turn the food industry. The biggest challenge, however, will be to help consumers understand the polo playing probiotics prebiotics and enzymes on their health.

Digestive health problems are also difficult to

Some examples of materials that will help to better understand their benefits.

inulin is chicory root fiber, like invisible and can be added to foods and beverages without affecting the taste and enhance our health. O root chicory inulin, helps to digestive health, a prebiotic and stimulates the function of good digestive bacteria, good condition of the bone because it helps in calcium absorption. It also creates a feeling of fullness and thus helps the consumer in his quest for weight loss. It is suitable for diabetics because it has negligible glycemic index.


Probiotics in the heart of digestive health.
After the latest discoveries about the benefits of probiotics on health consumption will triple in the next 2-3 years.

Now science is now to identify the health benefits
of probiotics that far exceed the gut health. There are exciting new findings in animal studies on intestinal brain barrier and how the gut can influence what happens in the central
nervous system, the Sanders said.


British published in Journal of Nutrition, published recently one of the largest studies in this field, where researchers examined the effects of probiotics on constipation issues, and gastric distress and found a significant improvement in the frequency of stools and abdominal discomfort.
Another study published in BMC Pediatrics added probiotics in frefiko milk, and succeeded in reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a problem in preterm infants.
Injection in the stomach of the probiotic showed significant 12% reduction NECton risk infants.
Scientists, too, have still much to learn about the mode of action of probiotics and their support health and prevent problems such as respiratory infections and skin disorders, Now researchers tangible University of Maryland found that certain probiotic strains may act amending facilitator as other bacteria of the digestive.

The companies that offer a variety of solutions to address the challenges of science and the preparation of functional foods now have an ally probiotic GanedenBC30 because it is firmly not affected by stomach acids are not affected by harsh food production conditions (heating, cooling , boiling), is pioneering this time in the production of probiotics. The GRAS ingredient is a patented organism
(Bacillus GBI-30 6086) that is patented. Used in more than 125 food, beverage and animal origin. The other probiotics do not survive the extreme conditions of production that do not survive in PHton stomach acid, therefore not reach their destination, which is the intestine.

So Ganedenparamenei pioneer in the field of probiotics surviving after their addition to food and are activated when they reach the intestine.

You will stay out of this great development;