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Potema Mattress Clean Spray 100 ml

“Are you sharing your bed with dust mites? Do you suffer from allergies? “

Antibacterial with allergen and bacteria test
– free of chemicals
– ?Readily on site for hotels, real estates and private homes

Our mattress is the dirtiest object to which we have an extremely close contact – and that for at least 1/3 of our lifetime! A biotope for house dust mites, bacteria, viruses and spores. All  these  creatures  find  ideal  living  and proliferation conditions within the mattress. Rancid sheds, dust, perspirations, and some things, which weʼd rather not talk about – it?s all there! Even a thick bed linen cannot protect us against those micro-particles.
The house dust mites, who appear in vast amounts – up to two million in one single mattress – produce mite excrements which contain allergen. The mite excrement, mixed with dust, is swirled around by every movement and gets into one’s mouth, nose, eyes and settles down on the skin. Among others, it is the cause of dangerous house dust allergies, with side effects like itchy irritations, inflammation of the mucous membrane, as well as bronchitis.


Because mattresses cannot be washed.

There are mattresses in a very good quality with the best sleeping comfort today. However, this also has the consequence that mattresses are used for 10-20 years and longer. Because unhandy and heavy, they stay a mattress life in the “box”. Covered up and hardly air exposed


Mattresses are an ideal biotope for house dust mites today. At living temperatures of 20 – 28 degrees and a relative atmospheric humidity of 70 -80 %. The skin sheds are affected by bacteria and in this condition serve as food.The increase is numerous, natural enemies like the robbery mite are eradicated. Up to 2500 mites were counted in a gram of dust, this corresponds to two millions in a double mattress. This gigantic army produces corresponding lots of mite excrements, according to scientific knowledge; trigger of allergies and their results, eyes redness, itching. Together with dust the mite excrement is, whirled up, with each movement the mattress works as bellows and the particles get into mouth, nose, and put themselves on the skin.



Healthy living means for POTEMA(R) to liberate living spaces of mites, house dust mites, viruses and spores

and to protect from those for long-term by POTEMA(R).


For all textiles that are not washable



              Blankets – Quilts


              Carpets – Pugs


             Curtains – Covers

             Fabric car seats

             Seats sauna

             Orthopedic devices


             Fabric toys

             Cuddle animals

Also acts against cigarette – smoke, annimal and toilet odours.